Senior Year

Senior Year Timeline

  • August
    1. Register for ACT and SAT reasoning test as soon as possible.
    2. Make a calendar to keep up with admissions, scholarships, financial aid, and housing. Create a resume!
    3. Visit with your counselor.
    4. Remember that most universities will see your first semester grades…so STUDY.
  • September
    1. Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend!
    2. Have your college search narrowed down to 5 colleges.
    3. Request necessary applications from the 5 colleges.
    4. Check on the deadlines for the 5 colleges.
    5. Begin requesting recommendation letters from teachers and other adults.
    6. Begin your college essays.
    7. Register for the SAT.
    8. Register for the ACT.
    9. Attend local College Fairs.
    10. Spend time studying foe the standardized tests.
    11. Begin visiting college campuses.
    12. Meet with your college advisor to discuss options.
  • October
    1. Continue with your college visits.
    2. Take the ACT.
    3. Take the SAT.
    4. Have your test scores sent to your high school. (school code 210726)
    5. Watch bulletin boards for scheduled visits from university representatives.
  • November
    1. Take the SAT.
    2. Continue completing applications.
    3. Register for the SAT.
    4. Register for the ACT.
    5. Continue college visits.
  • December
    1. Take the SAT.
    2. Take the ACT.
    3. Study for exams!
    4. Have a great Christmas.
  • January
    1. Request semester transcripts be sent to several colleges.
    2. Register ACT.
    3. Pick up Financial Aid packets from the student office.
    4. Fill out your income tax forms ASAP. (You will need the information to complete the FASFA.)
    5. Inform your counselor of any acceptance letters and/or scholarships you have received.
    6. Take the SAT.
  • February
    1. Register for the ACT.
    2. If you completed the FASFA, you should be receiving a report within four weeks.
    3. Take the ACT.
    4. Check on scholarship opportunities.
  • March
    1. Register for the ACT. (This is the last test accepted by TOPS for fall.)
    2. Take the SAT.
    3. Stay focused and keep studying.
    4. Register for the SAT.
  • April
    1. Take the ACT in April
    2. If more than one college has accepted you, and you know which college you plan to attend, let the other university
    3. know that you are attending another college.
    4. Most universities will require a decision by May 1st.
    5. Register for the SAT.
  • May
    1. Notify the college that you wish to attend, and notify all other colleges that you are attending another school.
    2. Request a final transcript from your counselor’s office to be sent to your chosen school.
    3. Register for the ACT.
    4. Take the SAT.
    5. Take AP exams.
  • June
    1. Graduate!!!!!!!!
    2. Congratulations!
    3. Take the June SAT (if necessary)
    4. Take the June ACT (if necessary)
    5. Shop for college stuff.
    6. Attend Orientation.
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